How to Set Up Multiple Windows Hello Profiles on Windows 10 Devices

Windows Hello multiple profile setup

If you have a shared Windows 10 device at home with multiple users, you can set up Windows Hello for each of them. Here’s a step-by-step guide to do it easily and quickly.

Windows Hello multiple profile setup

Windows Hello on Windows 10 is a facial recognition and fingerprint security feature (biometric) for your desktop or mobile device running the latest operating system from Microsoft. It allows you to securely and automatically unlock your device as soon as you open it up.

As of now, nearly 100 devices running Windows 10 support Windows Hello.

How to Set Up Multiple Windows Hello Profiles on your Windows 10 Device

Once you’ve set up your own Windows Hello profile, you can start adding profiles of anyone else who will be using the same device.

Step 1:

Go to Windows Hello Settings, then Accounts > Family & other people. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut (Windows key + I) to go directly to the Settings panel.

Windows Hello multiple profile setup

Step 2:

Select the type of user as “Add a family member” or “Add someone else to this PC”

Windows Hello multiple profile setup

Step 3:

Enter their Microsoft account details. If they don’t have a Microsoft account, you can set one up here: Go to Microsoft Account Sign-up Page

Step 4:

Log out of your account and have that person login with their Microsoft account. The user will be prompted to set up a Windows Hello profile for their account. Ask them to simply follow the instructions on the screen to set up facial recognition and fingerprint authentication.

All done! Once your PC or laptop is locked, every time an authorized user opens it, Windows Hello will automatically authenticate them and unlock the device for their profile.

Windows Hello is part of Microsoft’s efforts to make Windows 10 the more secure desktop operating system using biometric authentication. Unfortunately, Microsoft is great at making software and selling it, but not as great in the area of marketing, which is why a lot of Windows 10 users still haven’t set up their Windows Hello profiles.

By setting up Windows Hello for multiple users, you can make sure that all the information on your PC is secure, and can only be accessed by those authorized to do so. If you haven’t set up profiles for everyone using the device, we urge you to do so immediately. As you can see, it only takes a couple of minutes to set up and it’s more reliable than mere password authentication.

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