Google Pixel Audio Issue is Hardware-based, Google Says in Email to Customer

Pixel audio issue related to hardware, affects both Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel was bound to face teething issues after it hit the market late last year, and the Pixel audio issue was one such problem that device users were complaining about. After having done its research, Google says that the problem is hardware-related, which is no surprise when you think about it.

From a software perspective, every iteration or version of any software application comes with its own set of bugs. It’s the same with hardware as well, especially when you move quickly from prototype to mass production the way Google aggressively did with the Pixel and Pixel XL.

The revelation came from an email that Google apparently sent to a customer regarding the Pixel audio issue. Around the end of December, Google started offering refunds for Google Pixel XL devices affected with the audio problem. However, the new email – from January 13 – shows that Google is not offering a refund, but rather “warranty service for affected devices.”

Google Pixel audio issue

At least, the problem has now been identified as hardware-based, and not related to software as assumed earlier. It has also been confirmed that the issue is found across both Google Pixel as well as Google Pixel XL.

The downside to that is that Google hasn’t mentioned which builds could face the Pixel audio issue. In addition, since the issue is hardware related, it’s not a simple fix that can be applied with an OTA software update. And if Google has, in fact, stopped refunding customers for problematic devices, affected users will have to apply for warranty service for their devices, which means they won’t be able to use them for at least a few weeks.

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