Microsoft Offering Free Windows 10 Upgrade, Now for Enterprise Subscribers Too

free Windows 10 upgrade for consumers and enterprise subscribers

We’ve known for more than six months that Microsoft has been leaving the backdoor open for a free Windows 10 upgrade even after the deadline of July 29 had past. We suspected that this was intentional, and now there’s even more evidence that Microsoft is still willing to give out Windows 10 upgrades for free.

This time, Microsoft is opening up the floodgates to the commercial segment. In a blog post announcing the offer, the company said:

“…customers subscribed to Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5 as well as Secure Productive Enterprise E3 and E5, can now upgrade their Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs and devices to Windows 10 without the need to purchase separate upgrade licenses.”

That means anyone who has already subscribed to either the E3 or E5 on the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program can upgrade their Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs to Windows 10.

Until now, Microsoft has been allowing people to upgrade for free to Windows 10 through its assistive technologies offer on the site’s Accessibility page. However, the offer does not seem to be restricted to those with disabilities. Microsoft’s definition of assistive technologies covers such a broad scenario of users that practically everyone is eligible – even if they only use keyboard shortcuts like copy-paste.

Get the Free Windows 10 Upgrade from Microsoft – Requires Windows 7 SP1 or 8.1

As for the new offer for Enterprise subscribers on the CSP program, the Windows 10 license that will be issued to upgraded devices is a perpetual one. That means even if someone cancels their Windows cloud subscription.

The Windows cloud subscription can be taken from one of Microsoft’s partners in the CSP program. To locate a partner, visit the partner page on Microsoft’s website.

Click Here to Go to Microsoft’s Partner Page for Windows 10 E3, E5 and Other Cloud Products

The new offer is a great way to encourage businesses to move their devices to Windows 10. Both the assistive technologies offer and the subscription upgrade offer will give you a perpetual Windows 10 license for the entire life of the device – no more fees to upgrade to any future version of Windows 10.

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Source: Microsoft