Best Buy Offering LG 65-inch “near-4K” Smart LED Ultra HD TV at $799

LG 65-inch Smart TV offer from Best Buy - $799.99

Best Buy throws out some of the most compelling online deals that our readers regularly enjoy. Today, it’s that big-*ss TV that you wanted another one of. Best Buy’s site currently lists LG’s 65UH6030, a 65-inch “near-4K” monster with Wifi Smart capability, at $500 off the regular price of $1,299.99.

Why “near-4K”? Is it or is it not a 4K TV?

That would depend. If you mean 4K as in the visible resolution of an image, then yes. It does deliver that kind of clarity. Technically, it’s not a 4K display.

4K has a 3,840p resolution with 8.3 million pixels. This model of LG has the 8.3 million pixels, but at a 2160p resolution. To bridge the differential in pixel density, LG has put enough processing power in the TV to convert everything “up” to a higher resolution – that of 4K. It’s called the 4K HD engine, and it renders the visuals at that resolution. Combined with the fact that LEDs are ideal for any light condition, it makes a strong visual argument as a living room piece.

But then, how different is it from real 4K? Surprisingly, in terms of the visual experience, the average TV owner might not even feel the difference. But since it’s not strictly 4K, it can’t be promoted that way. That’s why the near-4K tag.

Come to think of it, it’s actually a near-65-inch TV as well, at 64.5 inches!

But it’s an LG, and the price looks about right for a TV with some very positive user reviews and an overall rating of 4.6 from 303 reviewers. Not to mention it comes with its own apps for streaming videos, songs and other popular media, as well as 50 preloaded channels.

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