Is the “Dumb” SAMSUNG Branding on Galaxy S8 Going to be Only on AOD?

galaxy s8

Yesterday, we reported two Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks from famous leaker Evan Blass. One of them seemed like a counter-intuitive exercise, but it appears that the idea may not be as dumb as it first sounded.

If you remember, back in October 2016 Samsung introduced something called AOD, or Always On Display. The update that brought the change was version 1.4.02, and what AOD did was to give you a clock and calendar display that would be always on, hence the name.

We now believe that this is where Samsung will be putting its branding on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The AOD way of introducing the branding ensures that they get maximum screen time, but the usability of the entire screen won’t be affected when you’re actually using the phone.

That makes a lot more sense, but none of that information was provided in the original leak by Blass, which merely said that “the top 1/4″ of the screen will be hard-coded to display SAMSUNG.” It’s now much clearer what Samsung’s intent is for the branding.

Because the bezels will be really thin on the Galaxy S8, Samsung is very likely to take this route to maintain their branding practice for their smartphones.

For now, we’re looking at a Galaxy S8/S8 Plus release date of March 29, with widespread availability coming late April. We’ll keep you up to date on leaks and additional information on the flagship smartphone from Samsung as we get it.

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