Hate Community Alt-right Banned on Reddit Over Repeated Privacy Violations

Reddit bans /r/altright for privacy violations

Hate content is prolific on the internet, and more so on social networking sites because such content often quickly gains supporters and becomes a micro-community of like-minded people. One such community on Reddit, known as alt-right, which operates a subreddit called /r/altright has been banned by moderators, who simply cite the reason as follows:

“This subreddit was banned due to a violation of our content policy, specifically, the proliferation of personal and confidential information.”

Though that’s all Reddit moderators say, there’s apparently more to it. The word on the street is that users participating in this community were linking to a site called WeSearchr, which is a self-declared “marketplace for information.” But that information is generally about people, private information that Reddit does not allow users to post on the site.

It appears that certain members of /r/altright were already warned by Reddit moderators about policy violations, and that even linking to WeSearchr was a violation of the site’s terms.

About two months ago, a controversy brewed around Reddit CEO Steve Huffman modifying posts on the /r/The_Donald community. That community is now worried that the censorship of /r/altright could mean a possible ban on their own community.

This is not the first time a community has been banned on Reddit. More than a year and a half ago another community was banned that was “dedicated to hating fat people”, as Business Insider puts it. The ban included a total of five communities.

Back in 2011 Reddit banned /r/Jailbait, a community that shared images of minor girls, or girls who looked like minors. And then, again, in 2015, a community that leaked intimate photos of female celebrities was banned.

Dozens of communities have been banned this way over the past several years and under several CEOs. Some of these communities had tens of thousands of members who either shared content, up-voted it or commented on it.

Reddit currently has 542 million monthly visitors, and is the 24th most visited site in the world.

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