YouTube Makes Quick Seek Function Official, Jump Back/Forward 10 Seconds

YouTube activates Quick Seek function on latest and older versions
YouTube Quick Seek function is live

Considering the fact that the Quick Seek feature on YouTube has been coming and going since late 2015, it’s not surprising that Google didn’t make a big deal of it when it was officially launched on the mobile app a few days ago.

The first time we saw it pop up was in the teardown of YouTube v10.43 APK, when the double-arrow icons first made their appearance. However, at the time, they weren’t visible in the player’s controls section of videos.

Over the course of the next one year, it kept cropping up as several variants for test groups, but it was never rolled out in full.

And then, in November 2016, it looked like YouTube had activated quick seek, but then it was remotely disabled, with some people reporting that a double-tap gesture on the left or right side of the video could make it skip back or forward by 10 seconds.

Now, at last, the feature has made it to the description of Play Store for the YouTube app. And several users are reporting that they’re able to use to feature by double-tapping on the screen.

But there’s still some confusion around whether it’s also been remotely enabled for the older YouTube v11.47 or whether it’s only on the recently released v12.03. If you’re not able to use this functionality yet, you can try updating to v12.03, for which you can get the APK from APK Mirror.

If you’re able to use the quick seek function on any version older than v12.03, please let us know in the comments section. It’ll be useful for our other readers.

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