Microsoft Offers Unique IP Protection Program for Microsoft Azure Customers

Microsoft launches Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program for eligible Azure users

This week, Microsoft became the first tech company to offer uncapped indemnification coverage to its Microsoft Azure cloud customers. As the cloud computing industry keeps adding billions of dollars in business each year, it is turning out to be a litigator’s favorite hunting ground. After all, in the tech world, litigations have to follow wherever money flows, right?

Microsoft says that over the past five years, cloud based litigation has increased by 22%, while the acquisition of cloud related patents surged by 35%. As the industry keeps expanding, that trend is only going to intensify, so Microsoft launched the Azure IP Advantage program, which aims to protect Microsoft Azure customers from unnecessary lawsuits and lower their IP risk.

In a blog post, Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft, wrote:

One challenge that technology leaders such as Microsoft have long addressed is the risk of patent infringement. We have over two decades of experience and a broad legal infrastructure designed to manage these risks. We’ve thought about our role in promoting digital opportunities more broadly for companies across the economy. We’ve decided that we will use Microsoft’s patent portfolio to help protect our cloud customers.”

The Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program offers Azure customers uncapped indemnification coverage, while also giving them access to 10,000 patents from Microsoft’s patent portfolio. So, if an Azure customer gets, sued they can use Microsoft patents to protect themselves.

Watch this video to see how Microsoft Azure IP Advantage works:

The program is not available for everyone, but should address most Microsoft Azure customers. Here are the eligibility criteria:

(i) Azure usage of $1,000 USD per month over the past three months

(ii) Not filed a patent infringement lawsuit against another Azure customer for their Azure workloads in the last 2 years

(iii) Show evidence of a current patent litigation that occurred after February 8, 2017. Legal transactional costs apply.

For springing license eligibility: must have an Azure usage of $1,000 USD per month over the past three months.

You can email to request more details about the program’s terms and conditions. For more details about Microsoft Azure IP Advantage Program click here.

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