When is Google Pixel 2 Coming, and What Are the Key Features?

Google Pixel 2 may launch before iPhone this year

Goolg Pixel and its bigger sibling Google Pixel XL shot out of the gates in October 2016 and quickly gained tremendous “share of mind” with smartphone buyers all over the world. It’s had its problems, for sure, but nothing insurmountable that can possibly stop Google from doing a repeat. And that’s what the Google Pixel 2 will be. Here’s an unverified leaked rendering that shows what the Google Pixel 2 might look like.

Google Pixel 2 may launch before iPhone this year
Google Pixel 2 – when is it launching, and what features will it have?
Leaked renders of Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 – leaked photo renders

The above images aren’t photos of the real device, and there’s no validation of the source, so we need to treat it as such.

So far, we know that Google is fixated on improving camera performance, which is a good thing because that’s one of the things that makes Google Pixel and Pixel XL stand out from the crowd. If that’s the case, will Google Pixel 2 have a higher resolution camera? Possibly not much more than the 12.3 MP camera on the current model. According to 9to5Google, the new device won’t have a high MP number, but will “compensate in extra features.” One of these features is the ability to take much better low-light photos than ever.

Another report by CNET says that Pixel 2 is going to be stronger and faster than its predecessors. Google is still mulling over the choice of chips, apparently, with Qualcomm, Intel and MediaTek being the top contenders for the contract. But word is out that MediaTek is now out of the running, so the choice is now between a Snapdragon 83X and an Intel chip.

There’s also word that Google will make the next Pixel smartphone waterproof. To be more specific, it will have better resistance to dust and water, though not necessarily waterproof.

Price-wise, the Google Pixel 2 is expected to be $50 higher than the current $650 starting price, but there could also be a low-cost Google Pixel 2B in the works. This one is reportedly for emerging markets, where Google needs a much bigger presence with a non-premium smartphone that is Google-branded.

So far there’s been no information on the kind of display technology that Google might use on the new Pixel, what dimension and size changes, if any, and any extra functionality.

However, we do know that Google Assistant is being tweaked to work with smart home gadgets even without a Google Home. It’s called Home Control, and it’s already being rolled out to current Pixel devices. That could mean even more enhancements when Google Assistant comes to Pixel 2.

As for a release date, we’re not likely to see another Pixel release until at least the third or fourth quarter. The original Pixel still hasn’t run out of steam in terms of sales, so it might be more prudent for Google to let a full year pass before launching the next franchise of Google pixel smartphones. But that comes with a big question: will the Pixel 2 come out before or after iPhone X? Last year it grabbed our attention despite being launched less than a month after iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but will Google do it again this year?

All things considered, Google may want to change that for this year and launch Pixel 2 ahead of the new iPhone so it gets more traction in 2017 than it did last year. Either way, it’s sure to be out before the holiday season 2017 begins.

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