Apple Siri Promoting Lego Batman Movie, Just Say “Hey, Computer”

Apple Siri updated with contextual content from the LEGO Batman Movie - just say Hey, Computer

Released last Friday, the LEGO Batman Movie has already found a friend in AI. As part of an entertaining addition to Siri’s capabilities, the voice assistant will respond to “Hey, Computer” with repartee of its own, such as “Hello, sir. I’ve heated up your lobster thermidor in the microwave” and more.

Siri plays a role in the movie as LEGO Batman’s computer assistant, which Apple is using on its iOS and macOS platforms to bring a smile to users’ faces.

This is not the first time Siri has piggybacked on a major event. Before the launch of iPhone 7, Siri was trained to answer specific questions about the launch – although not about the phone itself, of course. Before that, Apple updated Siri to answer questions about Pokémon Go.

This is the first time, however, that Apple’s artificial-intelligence-based voice assistant has been tied in to a blockbuster motion picture. There’s also a free iOS app based on the LEGO Batman Movie from Warner Bros., which you can get on iTunes here. The game is also compatible with Apple TV.

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