Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Signature Analysis, and the 7-yr-old Girl Who Prompted It

Google CEO Sundar Pichai responds to job application from 7-year-old

Giving us a rare glimpse of his lighter side, Google CEO Sundar Pichai personally responded to a job application from a potential Googler. But it’s not just any candidate; the girl in question is 7 years old, and had sent a hand-written note to “Dear Google Boss” asking for a position in the company.

The letter from Chloe Bridgewater from the UK got sent to the right person, and he responded with a personalized letter with his signature at the bottom. The interesting part of this story is that Business Insider got a handwriting expert to analyze the signature on the letter, and this is what Kathi McKnight says:

“I would say this man is one who sticks to facts figures and statistics based on his slant, so it’s a pretty big deal for him to take time out of his mysterious life to respond to this darling little girl’s letter.

“The signature is highly illegible with extra lines and dots, so all of that combined means there is much going on inside the mastermind of this CEO that we do not, nor may ever, know about. He keeps a lot close to the vest. He is very logical, cerebral and head oriented, as is revealed by the slant of the couple of letters we can actually see or almost read. 

“The line at the end of his name reveals someone who rose to success, very quickly. The underscore to his signature reveals an extra bout of confidence.”

While that doesn’t really tell us much about whether Pichai is the right man for the “Google Boss” job, it does reveal the man behind the company’s strategic moves of the past year and a half since Google was put under the Alphabet umbrella.

The letter in response to the application, however, shows us the human side of Google as a company. That someone in corporate saw fit to forward the girl’s letter to the chief executive of the company also clues us in on the prevalent work culture at Google. Despite being the head of a company that’s making nearly $100 billion in annual revenues, Pichai is as approachable to his employees as he is to a young lady who aspires to work at Google someday.

I very much doubt that a similar letter might have gotten forwarded to Tim Cook or Ginni Rometty if the girl had sent it to Apple or IBM. But at Google, such an incident is all in a day’s work, even for the busiest person on Alphabet’s payroll.

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