Beam Now Available to Insiders on Xbox One and Windows 10 Creators Update

Beam game streaming and broadcasting on Xbox One

Beam, the new game broadcasting feature that first appeared on Insider builds of Windows 10 Creators Update is now available to Xbox One as well, for Xbox Insiders. With a few simple clicks and customizations, you can broadcast your game feed to the wider gaming community the way you want to.

The Beam app brings the best of game broadcasting to Xbox One, and will launch to the public in Spring, according to Beam co-founder Matt Salsamendi. In a news post on the Xbox website, Salsamendi told Xbox Insiders:

“Starting today, the Beam app gives select Xbox Insider members the ability to watch, chat, and interact with their favorite game streamers in near real-time, just as we’ve done on the web. You’ll also be able to browse, search and follow your favorite game streams, as well as earn Sparks and Experience Points (XP) while viewing.”

He goes on to explain that these are:

For those who are new to Beam, Sparks are in-app currency you can use to interact with streamers, unlock new emotes, get XP boosters, and more. For every minute you watch a stream, you earn two Sparks. Experience Points are a way to show how much you’ve watched streams – for every five minutes watching a stream you earn 10 XP.”

Insiders on the Windows program already have access to Beam as well as new features like Game Mode that are coming on Windows 10 Creators Update on March 30, the most likely release date for the latest version of Windows 10.

If you want to get a Windows 10 upgrade for free right now, you can – legally and ethically, direct from Microsoft themselves. We’ve shown you how to do that in this article linked below:

Can I Still Get a Free Windows 10 Upgrade Now, in February 2017?

We recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10 ahead of Windows 10 Creators Update next month, so you can enjoy the best of 3D, gaming and other features on the new OS version when it does drop to the public.

Meanwhile, here’s a video from Xbox’s YouTube channel that shows you how easy it is to use the Beam app:

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