Did Microsoft Really Leak a Surface Pro 5 Image on Its French News Website?

Surface Pro 5 leaked photo on Microsoft news website in France

Since earlier today there have been images circulated in the media of what is supposedly a Surface Pro 5 photo leak by none other than Microsoft itself. Microsoft’s news website for France contains the following image of what could be the upcoming Surface Pro 5 2-in-1 hybrid device running Windows 10.

Surface Pro 5 leaked photo on Microsoft news website in France
Surface Pro 5

An entry in a LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft contractor in Redmond, Wa., also mentions Surface Pro 5 by name, and talks about project NEON, the new design language that Microsoft plans to implement in Redstone 3.

Surface Pro 5 and Project NEON named in LinkedIn profile of Microsoft contractor
Surface Pro 5 and Project NEON mentions

When is Surface Pro 5 Launching?

The release date for the new Surface Pro is expected to be sometime after March this year, and the Surface Pro 5 is very likely to come with Windows 10 Creators Update out of the box. That’s one of the reasons (we believe) the next-generation Surface Pro has been delayed until now.

Since Windows 10 Creators Update is expected to ship with the Dell Canvas that’s launching on March 30, 2017, we expect that the Surface Pro 5 could be launched shortly after.

One of the key additions to the new Surface Pro appears to be a newly designed Surface Pen. The device is also expected to come with a type cover.

Surface Pro 5 is an important product for Microsoft, not only because they need a stronger device presence, but also because they need a wider platform for Windows 10 this year. Adoption rates for Windows 10 have been less than thrilling over the 18 month period since Windows 10 was unveiled, and the new OS version needs a larger user base.

As such, we don’t think Microsoft will want to delay releasing the new Surface Pro any more than it has to. And if that means waiting for a stable version of Creators Update, it also implies a device launch date shortly thereafter – possibly as early as April 2017.

It appears that the leaked photo was, in fact, from Microsoft’s own news website for France, but it could merely be an old rendering released by the company some time ago – and not the actual Surface Pro 5 itself. One reason that’s likely the case is because the post itself is from last year.

As for the name and project NEON appearing in the LinkedIn profile, that might not be as big a deal as the leaked photo itself since those details are already known at this point.

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