Lenovo continued its focus on hybrid tablets this year, announcing a $199 hybrid tablet running Windows. The Lenovo Miix 320 is a low-cost hybrid that is expected to compete with Chromebooks this year.

Though the specs aren’t that impressive, this could be the first in a series of OEM Windows devices that compete head-on with the relatively inexpensive Chromebook in its many brand avatars.

Several weeks ago, it was reported that Microsoft was working on a lighter version of Windows 10 that would be licensed to OEMs for a reduced fee (compared to the fees usually charged for the full version of Windows 10.)

Windows 10 Lenovo Miix 320
Lenovo Launches the Miix 320, a hybrid tablet running Windows 10

The Lenovo Miix 320 could be one of the first devices running on this lighter Windows 10 version, currently being called Windows 10 Cloud.

The new device boasts up to 10 hours of battery life, but continues with the Intel Atom X5 processor. There will be one LTE version coming in April, and one non-LTE version in July. Both will have white and silver as color options.

Other specs aren’t that impressive, but there is one notable point. First of all, the keyboard sports a trackpad. It’s a little small considering the fact that the keyboard attaches to a 10.1-inch monitor, but it’s still nice to see some bells and whistles at this price point.

The big question now is whether or not this, in fact, is the Windows version that’s being pushed cheap to OEMs to help them compete price-wise with Chromebooks.

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