“NOPE” Google Chrome Extension from Breather Helps Avoid Annoying Coworkers

Google Chrome extension helps avoid talkative coworkers
New Google Chrome extension

If you’ve ever been in a situation where a coworker bugs you so much but you don’t know how to get rim or him or her, there is now a new Google Chrome extension that can help.

“Nope” is a new Chrome extension from Breather that allows you to cleverly escape the verbal badgering of an annoying coworker by putting a call through to your mobile or land phone.

Once you’ve installed the extension on your Chrome browser, you’ll see an “N” on a green button on the top right-hand side, where extension shortcuts usually appear. Click the button, enter your phone number and hit “Activate.”

You’re all set. Now, when someone comes over to bend your ear and you don’t want that, click the N button again in a subtle way. In about three seconds, you’ll get a call from a New York number on your phone. Pick up, and you’ll hear a deep male voice telling you what to do.

You’ll be give clear instructions like “OK. Fake some laughter, roll your eyes, and shrug at them with a smile” and things like that. After that you’ll hear an audio ad for Breather, where you’ll be given a code to try the service for yourself. That’s optional, by the way. The extension itself is free.

Breather’s core service is room rentals by the hour. You can hire a room just to unwind, or even get some work done in peace. The startup provides rentable workspaces in a number of cities across America, Canada and even in London, UK.

You can use Breather for meetings, events or just as a space for you to get your work done without interruption. Their website showcases clients like Facebook, Uber, Apple and Airbnb, so you’re in good company.

The Chrome extension is an innovative way to avoid coworkers that keep distracting you all the time. Of course, you can’t use the same excuse more than a couple of times or they’ll get suspicious. It’s a fun extension that can save you an earful.

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