Nintendo Switch Preorders Delayed by Several Days, Amazon Giving Away Freebies

Nintendo Switch preorders delayed; Amazon offers discounts and free Amazon Prime months

To compensate for preordered Nintendo Switch devices that weren’t shipped on day one of the launch, Amazon is giving out various refunds and freebies to its customers, ranging from a free month of Amazon Prime to a percentage discount on the order.

According to an IGN report, as well as other sources, several customers may experience delays of up to several days on their preorder of Nintendo Switch. While the delay only affects some customers, it appears to be widespread. Users who earlier saw their delivery time as being 8 pm local time are now seeing varyingly scheduled delivery times.

In an attempt to compensate buyers for their disappointment, Amazon has been giving away a free month of Amazon Prime and even discounts on the preordered units of Nintendo Switch. They’re not giving the same benefits to everyone, but most shoppers affected by the delay are receiving some kind of compensation from the online retail giant.

No response was obtained from Amazon at the writing of this article, but IGN has promised to update their article if they hear anything.

Nintendo Switch is a major leap in gaming. From arcade games to handheld video games to consoles, Nintendo has seen it all, and we believe it has now come a full circle. The company is now trying to bring the best of all worlds into a single device, which the Switch represents.

In fact, the product is so special that Microsoft and Sony – Nintendo’s fierce rivals in the console gaming space – tipped their hats to the Japanese company on the launch. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, congratulated Nintendo with “always great when Nintendo innovates in gaming.”

With that much of love going around for the Nintendo Switch, it’s understandable why customers whose shipments have been delayed will be more than a little disappointed.

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