Windows 10 Still at 25% Market Share, Microsoft Offering Free Win 10 Upgrade

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft should be in panic mode now that Windows 10 Creators Update is almost ready for release and Windows 10 adoption rates are still languishing at the 25 percent mark.

As of February 2017, Windows 10 was installed on 25.19% of all desktop PCs – not much of an improvement from January 2017 figures. That means only 1 in 4 PC users has upgraded to Windows 10 despite the upgrade offer being wide open for a full year.

We’re not going into the reasons for low adoption, since we’ve touched on it several times before, but we do know that 2017 will be a major year, not only for the operating system, but for at least two devices that we know are coming this year from Microsoft’s foundries – Surface Pro 5 and Surface Phone.

In addition, two major updates are also going to be made available this year – Creators Update and Redstone 3.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has left the window open a crack so Windows users can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade from Microsoft

Though the offer is specifically for people who use assistive technologies, Microsoft’s definition is (deliberately?) very loose, which means even if you use keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+C, CTRL+V to copy and paste, you’re eligible for the upgrade!

We don’t know how long this offer will remain open, but we suspect it may be taken down once Creators Update is released in about a month from now.

We recommend that you get your free Windows 10 upgrade while the offer is still available, so you don’t have to pay later to upgrade to Creators Update.

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