Windows 10 Creators Update Coming First to PCs, Windows 10 Mobile to Follow

Windows 10 Creators Update coming first to PCs, then mobile devices

Microsoft has confirmed, in a statement to Softpedia, that the “initial update will be for desktop, but other versions will be available thereafter.”

While that’s not really surprising, we hope that it won’t be weeks and weeks before mobile devices get the Windows 10 Mobile version of Creators Update.

According to several sources, Windows 10 Creators Update will soon be available to OEMs. The RTM (release to manufacturing) should happen sometime this month, with consumer rollouts expected in April.

Microsoft has been pushing a flurry of Insider preview builds over the past few weeks, with the most recent ones primarily bringing bug fixes and enhancements. That means we’re very close to a release, implying that the news about the Dell Canvas coming with Windows 10 Creators Update out of the box is also credible.

If you haven’t upgraded your older Windows version yet, you can still get a free upgrade to Windows 10 directly from Microsoft. Of course, you’ll need your current product key to activate the product, but there’s also the option of doing a clean install using an ISO image provided by Microsoft.

We don’t have an official launch date for the Windows 10 Mobile version of Creators Update, but preview builds so far have been nearly lockstep between the PC and mobile versions, with mobile being just a step behind PC.

The desktop user base is obviously more critical to Microsoft, considering the still-low adoption rates for Windows 10. Hopefully, once Creators Update is out, it will entice more users – specifically, those still on Windows 7 – to move to the new operating system version.

Windows 10 provided enhanced security and protection for the data on your device. Alongside the highly secure Microsoft Edge browser, it offers superior security capabilities to keep you safe from ransomware and other forms of malware.

Microsoft has put a lot of work into Windows 10 Creators Update, especially in terms of new features and bug fixes, so let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint by giving us a buggy experience right out of the gate.

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