Fitbit Alta HR: World’s Slimmest Heart Rate Tracker, Shipping Early April 2017

Fitbit Alta HR shipping early April 2017

Fitbit Charge 2 was launched about six months ago, but the fitness tracking products company has already released the Fitbit Alta HR, self-claimed world’s slimmest heart rate tracking wearable device with continuous heart monitoring.

Similar in size to the original Alta that was launched last year, the new Alta HR also does everything its predecessor can, including tracking the number of steps and distance, sleep and calories burned. It will also show notifications and alerts for calls, messages and the calendar.

When you compare it to the Charge 2, however, you’ll see several limitations. For one, since there’s no button, you can’t manually begin to track a workout. The device automatically detects specific activities like cycling and running, but won’t be able to track how many floors your climbed or give you guided breathing sessions.

In terms of battery efficiency, the Alta HR beats the Charge 2, lasting up to 7 days on a full charge against five days for the Charge 2.

There’s a new feature introduced in the Fitbit Alta HR, called Sleep Stages. The device can show you how well you slept, and how much time you spent in various sleep stages like REM, deep and light sleep. CNET reports that the new feature will eventually be pushed to Charge 2 as well as Blaze devices.

Fitbit Alta HR is available at online retail stores for pre-order. Orders are expected to ship out starting early April, and is priced similar to the Fitbit Charge 2: $150, £130 or AU$250.

Will the Fitbit Alta HR outsell its predecessor? The Alta is currently one of the best selling devices from Fitbit, having shipped more than 1 million units in its first month of availability. That’s a lofty goal for Alta HR to beat, but from the looks of the device, it has everything it takes to make an even bigger impression on Fitbit fans.

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