Is Nintendo Switch Still in Stock? Use These Websites to Find Availability

Nintendo Switch availability tracking websites

The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the hottest tech products on the market today, and not just for gamers. Anyone who was old enough during the 80s wants one, if only to get a chance to play Zelda once again. But if you didn’t pre-order and can’t find one at a local store, there are several websites cropping up now that are tracking Nintendo Switch availability around the country.

NowInStock gives you coverage of GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart and Target, and updates every five minutes to let you know which of these retailers have the Switch in stock. It also shows you when the last piece was sold.

StockInformer is another Nintendo Switch availability tracking site that lists all the color and game bundle options for some of the same retailers, but also includes Amazon as well as third-party sellers on Amazon.

Zoolert updates every minute to keep you informed of availability.

The $300 console sold a record number of units when it launched last Friday, March 3, and early information from the company showed that it smashed the two-day sales record held by the Nintendo Wii.

By Friday afternoon, nearly every retailer carrying Nintendo Switch was sold out, but some, like GameStop, said that more were coming.

It’s clear that supply is unable to keep up with demand, and if the demand can be sustained for as long as Wii sales were, then we might just be looking at the newest star in the Nintendo sky.

With several new games on the cards, Nintendo is going to stretch this out for as long as it can. That means carefully planning for retailer re-stocking, and an appropriate game release schedule to help sustain the momentum.

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