Apple has a New Strategy in India, Revives iPhone 6 to Boost Domestic Sales

iPhone 6 32GB variant in space grey for India smartphone market

It’s no surprise that Apple has limited appeal – and sales – in the massive smartphone market in India, one of the largest emerging economies in the world today. At their typical price points, the market segment in this huge economy is relatively minuscule. But Apple seems to have found the answer – revive iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 was one of the most successful iPhones of all time, in terms of global sales. The phone represented a jump in innovation when it was launched in 2014. In the first three quarters since the launch, iPhone 6 sold 183.17 million units.

Many more millions have been sold since then, but Apple decided to retire the model when it launched iPhone 7 last year.

Now, Apple has brought iPhone 6 back to life, at least in the Indian market, making a 32GB version in Space Grey available through physical resellers as well as online retail sites like

iPhone 6 is, of course, being sold at a much lower price point than it debuted at in 2014, but this could be the perfect foil for any gaps in iPhone 7 and other iPhone model sales in this important market.

Apple has a very small share of the Indian premium smartphone market. Data from Statista shows that iOS market share in India was only 2.33 percent as of December 2016, compared to Android’s overwhelmingly dominant 76.85 percent.

That Apple needs more iPhone sales in India has never been in question. The real question has always been: how will Apple tackle the pricing challenge? It seems they’ve now found a great way to re-enter the market at a much lower price point, by using older models to attract buyers in new market segments.

If this marketing strategy works with iPhone 6, we may eventually see models like iPhone 7 make their way into the Indian market at lower price points once iPhone Edition is released this year after iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

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