PlayStation 4 (PS4) Software Update 4.50 (Sasuke) Drops Today March 9, 2017

Sony PS4 and PS4 Pro getting price cuts to disrupt Xbox One X sales

Sasuke is here! Sony has announced that the next major update for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) system software, codenamed Sasuke, also known as version 4.50, is dropping today, March 9, 2017, to users.

More than a month ago, Sony had detailed some of the features coming on version 4.50 in a post on the PlayStation blog. At the time, Sony was highlighting support for external hard drives (HDD) via USB 3.0, but also mentioned that it was relatively simple to upgrade the console’s hard drive.

In that blog post, Sony also revealed several other features like customer wallpapers, a refresh of the Quick Menu feature, a simpler notifications list, the ability to post directly on PSN activity feeds and the ability to watch 3D movies in stereoscopic 3D on the PlayStation VR headset.

One of the major updates Sony did not mention last month is Boost Mode for PlayStation 4 Pro. PS4 Pro owners will now see better performance on legacy titles that aren’t yet patched to exploit the faster CPU and double-sized GPU on the PS4 Pro.

Boost Mode essentially improves frame rates on certain games that have variable frame rates. Even games that are programmed for 30Hz or 60Hz have more frame rate stability, says Sony. PS4 Pro users can go to Settings -> System to turn on or turn off Boost Mode.

With update 4.50, users can also let others know that they’re not at their console, but still logged in via the PS app or through PlayStation Messages.

They’ve also added a voice chat option for remote play, and the mic can be turned on or off on the Remote Play app’s Tool Bar.

Another significant change is that 2D elements on PlayStation VR will have better resolution on the TV Social Screen, which addresses the current issue of resolution looking less than optimal when you move from VR to either the home screen or Cinematic Mode. For Cinematic Mode, if you’ve set the PS VR screen to either small or medium, frame rate now goes up to 120Hz, from 90Hz.

Sony is also bringing several changes to PlayStation Messages and PS Communities apps, such as quick replies and checking for PSN service status, as well as checking for new posts by looking at the badge app icon on the top-right corder of the app icon (a number in a red circle.)

Update version 4.50 is dropping today, says Sony, so PS4 users can check their settings to see if they’ve received the software update notification. If you haven’t got it yet, don’t worry, it should drop very soon.

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