5.8-inch iPhone 8 (iPhone Edition) to Launch with Flat Screen, Not Curved OLED

iPhone Edition coming with 2.5D glass with curved edges

At least two sources have independently stated that the new iPhone Edition (the most recent leaked name for what we’ve all been calling iPhone 8) will not come with a curved OLED screen, but will have the flat 2.5D glass panel with “flat implementation”, on the front display.

The first source that cited this was research firm TrendForce, and we covered this in an earlier article. At the time, the company also confirmed that 64GB would be the entry-level internal memory on the new flagship iPhone for 2017.

Now, yet another source, HIS Markit analyst Wayne La, told MacRumors:

“We anticipate Apple will adopt a flat implementation of OLED design on their special iPhone model, which is analogous to the current 2.5D glass design.”

It appears there’s been some confusion around the term “curved” with respect to the glass panel on iPhone Edition.

Source: Android Authority

As you can see, “curved” can refer to two types of curvature. One is the 3D glass that you’ll see on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, for example, but the underlying technology is different so it can conform to the curvature. The other – the one that’s expected to come on iPhone Edition – is 2.5D, and the curvature is on the edge of the glass, as visible in the image above.

So, while “curved” is true for the glass panel on iPhone Edition, what it refers to is 2.5D glass with “flat implementation” rather than what you’d see on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

iPhone Edition is expected to launch on Schedule in September, but recent information shows that shipments may not begin until November, since production itself will only start in September. However, it’s possible that Apple will ship out the new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus before the flagship phone is released.

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