5 Money-saving Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Not Even be Using

Amazon Prime - big money-saving benefits

Since its launch more than a decade ago, Amazon Prime has been piling on the goodies for anyone who’ll take them. While it’s true that the majority of Prime members join because of the free two-day shipping – the first ever perk the service launched with – it’s also true that a lot of the benefits are not fully utilized.

These Amazon Prime benefits could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year, but either you didn’t know about them or didn’t pay attention when you joined up. Here’s a look at the top five money-saving benefits for Amazon Prime members.

Stream Video Content, Just Like on Netflix

One of the most important additions to the Prime portfolio of perks has been Amazon Prime Video, a video streaming service that offers a massive library of paid and free content. A lot of the stuff is free, so do take advantage of what Prime Video offers. Newer titles and other premium content is, of course, charged additionally, but even without paying a single extra cent you have access to thousands of titles and series.

3 Oscar wins this year is testament to the fact that Amazon takes its video content very seriously. They might not be in the same league as Netflix, which has a lot more original content, but Prime Video is certainly no slacker when it comes to great content.

You Can Download Music for Your Personal Offline Library

Prime Music is primarily a streaming service, but Amazon allows Prime members to download a lot of the content offered on this platform. A ‘lot’ in this case means more than a million MP3 files spanning multiple genres. Also, if you download the Prime Music app on your mobile device, you can create your own library and even include your personal collection so it’s easy to access whenever you want, without the need to be connected to the Internet.

Share Prime Benefits with other Adults in your Household

Amazon encourages sharing, so make use of that and share your Prime benefits with your significant other, or even your grown-up kids over the age of 18 that live in the same household.

Do that by going to Account Settings >> Manage Your Content and Devices >> Settings >> Holds and Family Library >> Invite Adult

Free Same-Day and Two-Hour Delivery

Amazon is now expanding its free same-day delivery to several cities across the United States. Check the Prime Now site to see whether you live in an eligible zip code. You may have access to groceries, household essentials, one-hour restaurant deliveries and much more. It will save you a ton of cash, and you can do it all from the comfort of your mobile device.

Free Cloud Storage for all your Media Needs

Most people don’t worry about backing up their personal photos and videos, but the sad part is that you often realize the value of doing it after it’s too late. Prime Photos allows Amazon Prime members to store an unlimited number of photos in the cloud. That means no more storage problems for your device, your photos are protected by the highest levels of security and you can access them from anywhere with just your account details.

Amazon Drive gives you the benefit of storing up to 5GB of music and videos for free, and it’s included in your Prime membership. All you need is an app to upload and access the content, and you’re all set up. Usages over 5GB are chargeable, but you’ll know when you reach your limit, so you can either get a cloud storage upgrade or just delete older stuff to make space for new videos and music.

What Else Can I Get with my Prime Membership?

For a full list of Prime benefits, please review this article we recently published. It’ll give you all the information you need on everything Amazon is offering to its Prime members.

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