Amazon Alexa Coming to iPhone On the Main Amazon App for Voice Shopping

Amazon Alexa comes to Amazon iOS app

Amazon has finally brought Amazon Alexa, its smart voice assistant, to one of its own properties – the main Amazon app on iOS. Siri now has a friend to play with!

Amazon Alexa is not going to be as easy to use as Apple’s own Siri because users will have to open the Amazon app and press the microphone icon to be heard. But as far as being capable of handling your voice shopping needs, Alexa has no parallel.

Amazon initially introduced voice shopping last year, prior to the holiday season. They even had a blowout Alexa shopping weekend where voice shopping deals galore were made available to Amazon Echo device users.

Until now, however, Amazon has not put Alexa capability into any smartphone. LG, which is launching its G6 model this year, will have Amazon Alexa on tap, but the integration with the main Amazon app is something that will have a much deeper and broader effect on the way people shop on Amazon with their iPhones.

If you’ve noticed, the mic icon has been there for a while now, but until the recent update, its job has been merely to help users find a particular product. Now, they can use it to ask Alexa to do a variety of things, including play music, ask questions and, of course, do some voice shopping.

One of the other advantages that Amazon Alexa has over Siri on iPhone is the fact that users can summon Alexa on the go when they want to access their home smart speakers. The functionality is yet to be updated on the iOS app so we haven’t had the chance to test it out yet, but we’re assuming that the Alexa on the iPhone will be able to talk to the Alexa at home, on the Echo device.

The functionality has been added, and the update with Amazon Alexa should be rolling out to iPhone users during the coming week.

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