A Simple Amazon Echo Tip to Let You Know When Alexa is Transmitting Data

amazon alexa on amazon echo smart speaker

When the Amazon Echo phenomenon became…well, a phenomenon, a large number of users were concerned about the device listening in on their private conversations. While it is now a known fact that Amazon Alexa on Amazon Echo, Tap and Dot devices does not start listening, recording or transmitting until you say the wake words, “Hey, Alexa,” there’s a very simple way to get the device to inform you when transmission starts and stops.

The blue ring lighting up is a dead giveaway, but you need to have line of sight to see the ring light up when you say “Hey, Alexa.” There’s actually a simpler way to make Amazon Echo beep as it starts or stops recording and transmitting data from your device to Amazon’s servers for processing.

On the Android or iOS app for Amazon Alexa, tap on Setting -> your Amazon Echo’s name -> Sounds & Notifications. Once there, you can turn on audio notifications for the start and end of transmissions.

Once you’ve set this up, you’ll see the blue ring light up when you use the wake words, now accompanied by an audible sound to indicate the start of listening/recording/transmission.

It’s that simple. Now you have a visual as well as audio cue to tell you when Alexa starts listening, and when your Amazon Echo stops its transmission for that event.

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