Surface Pro 5, Apple MacBook Pro 2017 and Dell Alienware Could Get AMD Silicon

Surface Pro 5 with Ryzen CPUs

AMD’s much-criticized Ryzen processors have one thing going for them – strong marketing. Various sources revealed that there is definite interest from Microsoft in using Ryzen processors on the Surface Pro 5, as well as Apple, for the MacBook Pro 2017. Dell Alienware also seems to be in line to get Ryzen silicon in future.

The recent video teaser for Alien: Covenant suggests that Microsoft could be looking at putting AMD Ryzen processors in the upcoming Surface Pro 5, or may have already started moving in that direction ahead of its launch this Spring. You can read about that in more detail.

Per a recent University Herald report, Apple Inc. may release this year’s MacBook Pro with the AMD Raven Ridge accelerated processing unit, or APU, which is a combination of Ryzen CPU and Radeon Vega GPU on a single chip. The process itself uses Intel’s Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge packing technology, and the benefits are latency reduction and a simplified board design – ideal for Apple since it wants to make the MacBook Pro 2017 thinner than ever.

What’s more, even gaming PC makers like Dell with its Alienware and Falcon Northwest could look at AMD as a viable alternative to Intel chips if the demand is strong enough.

Surface Pro 5 with Ryzen silicon would be a major disruption of the Microsoft-Intel partnership that spans decades of PC making, as would a deal with Apple for the MacBook Pro 2017.

If these reports are true, this could be a very good year for AMD and its Zen-based processors, not only on the CPU front against Intel, but also the lower-end discrete GPU market against current market leader NVIDIA. Eventually, the Naples high-performance server CPU line of processors may also pose a threat to its rivals in the server chip segment.

For now, if the Surface Pro 5 does, in fact, come with Ryzen under the hood, it could be an indication that a major AMD revolution has been set in motion.

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