What is Your Amazon Echo Light Ring Trying to Tell You?

Amazon Echo light ring

Amazon Echo device owners are familiar with the Light Ring at the top of the device, usually shown in blue. Amazon Alexa may be doing all the talking, but the Light Ring does a lot of communicating on its own. As a user, it’s useful for you to know what your device is telling you in its own unique way.

Here’s a list of the different ways in which the Light ring lights up, and what each thing means.

What Do Different Colors Mean on the Light Ring of your Amazon Echo Device?

The first thing you’ll see when you turn it on is the solid blue light with cyan highlights spinning around. That means your device is initializing, and this happens when you first start up the device.

Amazon Echo light ring

Right after this, you’ll see the Ring light up orange and spin in a clockwise direction. That’s to indicate that the device is turned on, and is now attempting to connect to the WiFi network that you’ve paired it with in the smartphone app.

After you start up the device, the lights go ‘silent’. When all the lights are off, it means your device is active, and awaiting the wake words, “Hey, Alexa” or whatever you’ve set it to.

The moment you say the wake words, the Light Ring lights up in a solid blue, with the cyan highlight pointing towards the speaker. That indicates that the device is processing your request – the recording that Amazon Alexa made of your request is being sent to Amazon’s servers for processing. Alexa’s response will follow.

When you mute the device’s speakers – as many people tend to do when they’re having a private conversation – you’ll see a solid red light. That means the microphones – all 7 of them – have been turned off, and the Echo can no longer listen for the wake words.

A white light on the Light Ring appears when you’re adjusting the volume level on your device.

If the device has trouble signing into the WiFi network, the Ring lights up in a continuously oscillating violet color. At that point you may need to do some troubleshooting, such as re-attempt a connection, re-starting the device or other actions.

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What Do Different Colors on the Power LED Mean?

A power LED near the power adapter port also clues you in on whether or not your device is connected properly to the WiFi network. If it’s solid white, it means the Echo device is connected to your WiFi network. A solid orange light means it’s not connected. And a blinking orange light indicates that the WiFi connection is fine, but the device is unable to access the Alexa Voice Service.

In the last case, you’ll need to check if your modem and router are working and able to upload and download data. You can verify this using your smartphone or other connected device.

And that’s the chromatic language spoken by your Echo smart speaker. The more familiar you become with the device and the smartphone app, the better you’ll be able to interact with them, and the more Amazon Echo can do for you.

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