Is Windows 10 the Reason Why Dell Canvas 27 Release Date Was Missed?

dell canvas 27

An email from a Dell representative to PCWorld started it all off. In the email, a clear launch date was specified for the Dell Canvas 27, a horizontal touch monitor purpose-built for creative work that can fully leverage Windows 10 Creators Update capabilities. Here’s the relevant excerpt from that email:

“Since the device isn’t available until 3/30—all of the features of the Creators Update will be available when Canvas ships.”

If that were true, it means Dell Canvas will have been launched by now, and we covered that in another article two days ago. But, as of March 30, there’s no sign of the Dell Canvas, and their website merely says “coming soon.”

So why the delay in launching Dell Canvas?

We suspect that there has been a small problem with Microsoft getting the RTM (release to manufacturing) build of Windows 10 Creators Update out to manufacturers. It might be nothing more than a missed deadline at this point, since we have little visibility into the working relationship of the two long-time device-OS partners. However, it could indicate that Microsoft couldn’t work out all the bugs on Creators Update in time for the Canvas to launch per schedule.

To be clear, Dell Canvas does not run any OS. Technically, it is a peripheral that can work with almost any system. However, our understanding is that Dell has been working closely with Microsoft in order to fully leverage Creators Update capabilities on the Canvas – especially as far as the pen and totem are concerned.

As reported earlier, Build 15063 for Windows 10 is widely thought to be the RTM version of the software – the one that gets sent to device partners prior to a public release. Now, even if that were true, there could have been some last-minute bugs that they were unable to fix in time.

The original report from Neowin, which revealed that Microsoft already has the ISO files for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10 Creators Update for Insiders, shows that this might actually be the case:

“Microsoft hasn’t yet made an official announcement about whether or not 15063 will be the ‘final’ Creators Update build for that rollout – and it’s possible that such an announcement may never come. But with very little time remaining until the update’s release, it’s looking increasingly likely that that will be the build (although the final release may well include some sort of cumulative update with additional bug fixes, and a 15063.xxxx build number).”

We would agree with that assessment because it also indicates that Microsoft needs a few more days before OEMs get the final version of Creators Update ahead of the public release on April 11.

Since Dell Canvas 27 can work its magic only with Creators Update, that knock-on effect may have led to the release date being pushed. At this point we have no confirmation of a firm launch date for the Canvas, but we’ll hazard a guess that it’s basically ready to ship but waiting for Microsoft to complete the final dev and testing work on the latest Windows 10 version.

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