Trump Impeachment Within 6 Months, Predict Swarm AI Participants

Donald Trump impeachment prediction

The question of a possible impeachment or removal of President Donald Trump from the highest office in the nation is a loaded one.

While Section 4 of the 25th Amendment does allow the Vice President and a Cabinet majority to send a letter to Congress that would initiate a transfer of power to the Vice President subject to a further Congressional review, it is equally true that the president has the broad authority to remove the Cabinet before it can take such action.

According to TIME, yet another provision in Section 4 states that Congress itself can set up a body that could, in theory, “transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

Though this provision has not been invoked even once in the 50 years since the Amendment passed, it is theoretically possible.

Others, like Professor Angelia Wilson of the University of Manchester say that “the trail of scandals in the President-elect’s wake has become an “embarrassment” to the Republican party, leaving him vulnerable to impeachment by members of the party seeking reelection to the House.”

Wilson puts Donald Trump’s time in the White House at no more than a year to a year and a half. “I think it is highly likely that he will be impeached in the first 12 to 18 months,” is what she told The Independent.

Still others, like Ladbrokes, the UK-based betting house, showed Trump impeachment odds at 56% right before the “Donald Trump Specials” betting page was suddenly taken down a few days ago. According to a Ladbrokes spokesperson:

“The money is showing no signs of slowing down and we’ve been forced to cut Trump’s impeachment odds accordingly. We’ve taken five times the amount of bets on him failing to see out his full term than on him doing so.”

As you can see the timelines as well as the possibility of impeachment or removal vary greatly depending on the source.

What Does Swarm Artificial Intelligence Think about a Trump Impeachment?

We wanted to know what Artificial Intelligence systems thought of the whole matter of impeachment. Will Trump be impeached at all? If so, how soon? So we approached Dr. Louis B. Rosenberg, prolific patent grantee, author, filmmaker and one of the founders of the concepts behind augmented reality, and we asked his UNU Swarm Intelligence platform to make the prediction for us.

To give you a background, UNU has an extremely impressive track record predicting the outcome of world-famous entertainment and sporting events like the Oscars, the Super Bowl and, more recently, MLB.

At the Oscars this year, UNU’s amplified human intelligence came in with an accuracy of 75%. The group that participated in the swarm was made up of 107 casual movie-goers with no known expertise in this area. Yet they beat out Variety experts by a wide margin of 6%.

We asked Unanimous A.I., the company behind the UNU platform, to run a swarm predicting the possibility and timeline of Trump’s removal from office, and the result was more than a little interesting.

Trump Impeachment Prediction

What this particular swarm is saying is that Trump has no more than a few months left in office, and if you’re reading the news everyday, you’ll see how prophetic that might turn out to be.

Swarm algorithms work to unify and amplify the intelligence of human beings so they act as one entity. The larger the swarm, the greater the amplification because there are more minds contributing to the final outcome – and that outcome might be a prediction, a decision, an opinion or even a belief.

So far, UNU has racked up a number of successes in sports and entertainment. Unanimous AI is currently testing and validating Swarm AI in additional settings such as business, marketing and more.

They’ve gone beyond the proof of concept stage, and have gained tremendous popularity in the media because of their work around high-profile events such as the Oscars and the Super Bowl.

If the Trump impeachment prediction is accurate, it will be a further strengthening of the validation that Swarm AI has achieved thus far.

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