Give Your Nintendo Switch 12 Extra Hours of Power on the Go – Get SwitchCharge

nintendo switch switchcharge battery case

If you love your Nintendo Switch but you feel the three-hour battery life limit sucks, you’re in the right place. Well, at least we can get you to the right place. A new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo promotes a battery case called SwitchCharge, which can give you an extra 12 hours of juice for your Nintendo Switch with its powerful 12,000mAh battery.

nintendo switch battery case switchcharge

Launched by InDemand Design, a London-based startup, the campaign’s objective is to move quickly and bring the product to market as soon as possible. Says Forrest Skerman-Stevenson, lead designer of the SwitchCharge:

“Due to the current demand for Nintendo Switch accessories we are aiming to bring the SwitchCharge to market as early as possible. Indiegogo will give us the platform to raise capital to quickly invest in the tooling and components required for an August 2017 delivery date.”

The company already has prototypes, and intends to sell the units at an early bird price of $75 (plus shipping.) They hope to raise $80,000 for the tooling and components required to push the product to market. Early bird backers are expected to receive their SwitchCharge units in August.

The charger is intended to charge your device on the move, and does away with the need for a hefty battery pack. It is specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch (I guess the name SwitchCharge gave that away!) and you won’t even have to set it aside to charge. It charges as you play, giving you up to a total of 15 hours when both the Switch battery and SwitchCharge are fully juiced up.

The best part is, it’s got two additional game slots for you to carry extra games, as well as a multi-position kickstand that’s a lot sturdier than the one on the Nintendo Switch.

It’s great for those really long road trips with the kids, so you won’t have to put up with a million “are we there yet”s. Just put the Nintendo Switch into the fully charged SwitchCharge case and you won’t hear a peep out of them for a long, long time. Only problem is, you might be the one going “are you still there?” right through your road trip.

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