iOS 10 Design Revamp for Apple Music – Version 2.0 – Now on Android Devices

iOS 10 design revamp for Apple Music now on Android as version 2.0

After re-designing the Apple Music app for iOS 10 devices, the Cupertino smartphone maker has brought the same changes to the Android app for Apple Music. When iOS 10 was launched in September 2016, one of the highlighted features was the facelift for Apple Music’s interface. That interface has now been almost identically ported to the Android app and brings similar features such as lyrics, and a much better library.

The Android app for Apple Music is now on version 2.0 – a straight jump from the previous 1.2.1, which sported the old interface that now looks kind of rustic, to be honest. The new look for Android – almost exactly similar to the one for Apple devices running iOS 10 – brings what Apple calls “greater clarity and simplicity” to the Android ecosystem.

If you’re not familiar with the new look on iOS 10, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect before we provide you with the link to update the Apple Music app on your Android device.

The first thing you’ll notice is a much cleaner look, with clearly marked headers showing you where you are within the app. All Playlists are now collapsed into Library, and the New option can now be found under Browse. The Now Playing screen is just like the iOS 10 version as well, with cards and lyrics for you to Karaoke along with the music.

it’s also easier on Apple Music 2.0 for Android to see your Downloaded Music that you’ve put on your device for offline listening, and all of that is there in the Library section along with your Playlists. Every now and then you’ll see some Android elements creep in, like the hamburger nav button, but other than those minor features, everything you see here is what you’ll see on the iOS 10 app.

Radio via Beats 1 is also available, where you have a large number of genres to pick from. You’ll also see new music in the Browse section, alongside playlists for various moods.

The For You section gives you recommendations based on the kinds of music you typically stream or download for offline playback.

Android users can get version 2.0 of Apple Music from the Play Store in the link provided below. If you already have the app, you can update it directly on Google Play. If you’re new to Apple Music, you can get it on a free trial basis. You’ll see that option when you download and install the app for the first time.

Get Apple Music 2.0 for your Android Device

The fact that Apple Music on Android is now almost identical to that on iOS 10 is representative of the fact that Apple Music needs to grow its paid user base at a rapid rate to catch up with Spotify’s premium user base. And Apple needs Android users to help make that happen.

Android is, by far, the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Although Apple does have over a billion active devices out there (as of 2016), there are only 20 million paying customers on Apple Music. Growth has been impressive, but has been tapering off over the past few months.

Apple has realized that unless it leverages the Android user base, it’s going to be extremely tough to achieve the kind of success that Spotify now enjoys. The updated Android app will give users a very similar experience to what they get with iOS 10 devices, which Apple likely hopes will give more Android users a reason to switch to Apple Music over Google Play Music.

If you compare the two, Apple Music has nearly four times the songs that Google Play Music has, having hit 40 million songs back in September, 2016. Here’s the promo video that Apple made to celebrate that milestone:

So it’s great news for Android users that they can enjoy the same experience that iOS 10 iPhone and iPad users have had all these months. Our only question to Apple – why wait this long?

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