Surface Pro 5 Details from Paul Thurrott, and Why “Nothing Dramatic” is Untrue

Surface Pro 5 Paul Thurrott reveals details

Minor details have emerged about Surface Pro 5, the next iteration of the Surface hybrid tablet line from Microsoft. But tech blogger and Microsoft watchdog Paul Thurrott (sorry, Paul!) only mentions two things – that the Surface Connector port will remain on the Surface Pro 5, but it will have Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors under the hood.

The ‘nothing dramatic’ part isn’t something we can agree with, unfortunately. The Surface Pro 5 will, naturally, come with Windows 10 Creators Update out of the box, and that’s a big deal in itself.

The latest Windows 10 update from Microsoft is already out, having first been spotted as ISO files, then being rolled out via a manual installation on April 5 ahead of the mass OTA update on April 11.

So, it’s a given that Surface Pro 5 will, naturally, have the latest OS version of Windows. And that brings a slew of creative and gaming features, which we’ve covered extensively in the past months.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to speak of on the hardware side except for Intel’s Kaby Lake processors powering Surface Pro 5. The good news is, we might see a 12.3-inch UHD/4K display on the new Surface 2-in-1 tablet, which could give it an edge over the second generation iPad Pro that’s also due for release in the next couple of months or so.

As more details reveal themselves, Surface Pro 5 looks all set to carry the sales baton from Surface Pro 4, but with several advantages compared to other hybrid tablets coming out this year.

The only wild card device for 2017 in this category could be the Google Pixel 2 Taimen, which we speculate will be a first-of-a-kind hybrid smartphone-tablet that could possibly come with the much-touted Andromeda hybrid operating system. More about that here.

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