Microsoft to Host Hardware Event on May 2. Hold On, No Surface Phone or Surface Pro 5

Windows 10 Cloud from Microsoft

Microsoft is hosting a special hardware event on May 2, for which invites started going out to the media earlier this week. But before you jump for joy, this is specifically an education focused event. Source close to Microsoft have even gone so far as to tell the media not to expect the Surface Phone or Surface Pro 5 at the event, unfortunately.

The most likely piece of hardware we’re likely to see is a Surface 3 hybrid tablet aimed at the student community. The second rumor is the Xbox Scorpio, and that Microsoft could be unveiling some new features ahead of the full unleashing at the E3 that’s happening in June. However, the possibility of that is extremely low since it’s not connected with education at all.

Another rumor is going around that Microsoft is going to launch Windows 10 Cloud, the light-weight version of Windows 10 that is expected to target the Chromebooks market with lower-cost Windows devices from OEMs. The event itself is codenamed Bespin, a planet that’s featured in Star Wars and has a “Cloud City”.

We’re not pinning our hopes on seeing anything revolutionary for consumers at this event. It’s clearly tagged #MicrosoftEDU and it’s a hardware event. At best, we’ll see a Surface 3 that runs on Windows 10 Cloud. That’s a big deal in itself because it will come in at a more attractive price point for students, and could absolutely crush Chromebooks in terms of market share if it’s pre-loaded with Office 365 applications that students can activate for free once their school is subscribed to Office 365 Education.

Don’t hope for anything bigger than that. I guess our deep yearnings for Surface Phone and Surface Pro 5 will have to continue for just a little longer.

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