Google Home May Get Wi-Fi Mesh Features to Compete with Amazon Echo

Google Home and Google Wifi

Recent reports reveal that Alphabet is working on a few feature for Google Home, the company smart speaker powered by the voice-activated Google Assistant. By leveraging their Google Wifi technology and porting it to Google Home, Google hopes to bring mesh Wi-Fi as a big advantage over Amazon Echo.

Mesh Wi-Fi is essentially a signal-boosting method that uses multiple access points around the location in question, instead of a single router. One additional access point using Google Wifi covers about 1,500 square feet, and a package of three will essentially triple that area.

If that technology is ported into Google Home, it will save users a lot of money. The Google Wifi puck retails for the same as the Google Home – $129. If they build that in, the smart speaker can then boost a weak signal on its own, helping to cover a larger home area than before.

It’s possible that Amazon Echo is going to get the same kind of technology very soon, considering Amazon’s 2016 investment in a Wi-Fi company by the name of Luma, but there’s no confirmation about whether or not the two are related. However, Luma specializes in exactly the same kind of whole-home Wi-Fi coverage that Google Wifi offers, and they have a similar solution to get a stable Wi-Fi signal wherever in the home you go.

Amazon Echo - Luma Wifi extender

This is definitely something that both Google Home and Amazon Echo need. If they can boost the Wi-Fi signal for themselves and use meshing technology to act as access points for other smart speakers in other rooms, you’ll basically be able to have a single router and multiple Google Home or Amazon Echo devices without the need for a separate solution for signal-boosting.

Both Google Home and Google Wifi were launched in the UK at the end of last month.

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