No iOS 10.3 Jailbreak Required: Sideload the BarMagnet Torrent App on iPhone Running iOS 10.3

iOS 10.3 sideload barmagnet torrent app no jailbreak required

It’s been several weeks since we’ve heard anything on the iOS 10.3 jailbreak iOS front. Apple has already moved to higher versions, having seeded the third beta of iOS 10.3.2 to developers and the public just last week. And an iOS 10.4 could be brewing as you read this – where we hope to see 69 new emoji come to iPhones and iPads.

But the jailbreak landscape for iOS 10.3 is eerily silent, with a few gentle ripples of possibilities here and there but nothing concrete that the average jailbreak enthusiast can count on to not break his or her device.

Meanwhile, the sideload method of installing non-App-Store apps to iOS 10.3 devices is rapidly gaining popularity. There are literally dozens of tweaked versions of popular apps that you can sideload onto iOS 10.3 iPhones and iPads without the need for a jailbreak. It’s much safer and much quicker than jailbreaking your iPhone, and then installing a tweaked app that way.

Today, we’ll show you how to sideload the BarMagnet Torrent app, using which you can remotely control your desktop torrent client. From the latest movies to the hottest TV shows to games and other media, the BarMagnet Torrent app is perfect to keep an eye on your downloads, start or stop them remotely, and see how fast the download is going and how long it will take. You can even start new downloads, since it has a built-in web browser, and the app supports nearly all desktop torrent clients.

In effect, it “untethers” you from sitting and staring at your torrent downloads all day and night, and it allows you to start new downloads on the move.

But first, we advise you to read up a little on VPN (virtual private network) services that can help you remain anonymous on the web. You’ll need this on your desktop while downloading torrent content in order to keep prying eyes from interfering. The article linked below shows you the best ones out there for your mobile, but all of them have desktop equivalents as well, in case you need both.

Once you’ve reviewed that article, you can move forward to the sideload process for installing BarMagnet Torrent on your iOS 10.3 device.

How to Sideload BarMagnet Torrent on iPhones and iPads running iOS 10.3

You can sideload the software on your iOS 10.3 device without the need to jailbreak it. However, there are certain preparatory steps you need to go through before you can do that.

First, you’ll need to download a copy of the BarMagnet Torrent IPA file, which you can store on your PC until you need it. You can download it here.

Next, you will need the Cydia Impactor, so download the right version for your system. You can view the download options here.

Finally, you will need the latest version of iTunes, and you can get it here from Apple.

Now that the basic preparation is done, you can start the sideloading process.

Sideload BarMagnet on iOS 10.3 iPhones and iPads – No Jailbreak Required

Before you start, remember to do the following steps one at a time. Don’t rush, and if there are any issues, DO NOT PROCEED. It’s your device and your decision to sideload this software, so please keep that in mind. If there’s any doubt at all, don’t do it.

Let’s Begin.

The first thing to do is connect your iOS 10.3 device to your computer using a USB cable.

Second, find the Cydia Impactor file that you downloaded earlier and run it.

Third, after connecting your device and running Cydia Impactor, look for a dropdown menu that contains the name of your device. Select it.

Fourth, remember that IPA file for BarMagnet that you downloaded earlier? Drag that and drop it into the Cydia Impactor interface.

The Fifth one is an important step. You will need an Apple ID to proceed. At this point you have two choices. The free ID can be obtained from, where you need to look for an App-Specific Password. If you already have a paid ID you can use that to avoid resigning the app’s certificate every seven days.

Sixth, after you enter the paid or free ID, Cydia will start sideloading BarMagnet to your iOS 10 iPhone or iPad. Leave it for a few minutes, until the process is complete.

Seventh, DO NOT LAUNCH BarMagnet from the Home Screen at this point even though you’ll see it there. Instead, go to Settings –> General –> Profiles. and look for the app’s profile.

Eighth, tap on the profile and then Trust the Certificate.

Ninth, enjoy the BarMagnet experience whenever – and wherever – you want it on your iOS 10.3 iPhone or iPad.

Tenth, tell us about your experience, or give our readers some expert advice in the comments section. Thousands of people could benefit from your expertise and experience.

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