Has iPhone Finally Lost Its Wow Factor Completely? iPhone 8 Render Shows Poor Design Elements

iPhone 8 rendering

The iPhone 8 back panel schematic that was leaked earlier this week showed the blueprint of something that looked really ugly, and unlike any Apple device ever made.

A new render, presumably based on that schematic leaked by Sonny Dickson, shows how ugly it will actually look. If the schematic was a leak of the actual iPhone 8’s rear panel, Apple could be in serious trouble this year.

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Even with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, there weren’t any major or truly innovative features introduced. Analysts and the public alike complained about incremental improvements from the earlier iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

But the phone sold really well, creating a record quarter for iPhone sales for Apple, in fact, during the three months that spanned the holiday season.

But this year we expect something really stunning – even if it’s purely from a visual and esthetic perspective. If that is the schematic, the back of the iPhone 8 will look like this:


iPhone 8 chassis rear panel case

At first glance, it appears to be an Apple device, but it looks more like an iPhone rip-off that you’d find in some cheesy bazaar for a hundred bucks. There’s absolutely nothing distinctive about the design, except for the big, ugly screw hole right in the middle.

That screw hole is apparently where the fingerprint sensor will be placed, essentially similar to what Samsung has done on the back of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus but positioned differently.

Now, let’s flip over to the front of the phone – which nobody has yet seen outside of Apple’s secret circles – and look at the stark contrast in innovation: edge-to-edge display, almost no bezel, curved OLED panel and the usual superior display quality, enhanced even further this time by OLED technology.

To say that the back and the front of the phone look completely incongruent with each other would be an understatement.

That said, even if this was a genuine schematic, Apple is likely to be doing several of these designs to try and find the right look. They don’t just put together a bunch of ideas ‘hodge-podge’ and call it an iPhone. Even if their skills of innovation are flagging, you still can’t point fingers at their ability to design and manufacture beautiful-looking devices.

And the render definitely does not belong to a beautiful-looking device.

With little else to go on, we’ll only have to keep hoping that Apple can pull through with a phone like nothing else we’ve seen before. But as the clock ticks and the months roll by, it looks like Apple is hanging on to the final, fraying threads of an iPhone that was once at the bleeding edge of innovation.

Devices like the original iPhone only come along once in a decade. That decade is over, so maybe it’s Microsoft’s turn to come up with something this time. Because it sure ain’t Google’s!

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