Microsoft Edge on Windows 10: Only Browser to Support 4K UltraHD Netflix Streaming with Native Dolby Digital Plus Support

Netflix 4K Video Streaming on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 is a great browser, no doubt. Recent tests have shown that it delivers more battery life to your device, besides bringing in a ton of security features aimed at blocking phishing and ransomware attacks. But did you know that you can stream 4K videos and TV shows from Netflix directly to your Microsoft Edge browser?

Moreover, it is the only browser that currently supports native Dolby Digital Plus audio format. That means better visuals and better audio with just your browser – no additional plug-ins or anything that would force your browser to drain battery power faster.

With Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft Edge offers several other features, such as ePub support so you can read all the books you downloaded from Windows Store directly on Microsoft Edge.

You can save pages for reading later, and even change the layout in Reading View to make it simpler and easier to read.

The battle between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is always on, but when you consider the fact that Edge is a much newer browser than Chrome, it’s interesting how Microsoft was able to put everything it learned from years of Internet Explorer dominance together to create a worthy opponent for the now-dominant Google Chrome.

Right now, Microsoft Edge usage is still around the 5 percent level in terms of global browser market share, while Google Chrome has ten times that. But, as Windows 10 picks up pace this year with new devices, and more people installing it on their systems because of the new features that Windows 10 Creators Update brings, we should see Microsoft Edge usage tick upwards.

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