Have You Updated to Google Chrome 58 Yet? These 5 Features Might Entice You

Google Chrome 58

Google Chrome 58 is now rolling out to Android devices after the original stable channel release to Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. While the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes come standard, what are the truly new features that would want to make you update your browser to the latest Google Chrome 58?

Redesigned Browser History Page

The first thing you’ll notice is that there is now a dedicated browser history page in Google Chrome 58. Chrome users will now have a cleaner, more intuitive layout for their browsing history page, and this is really useful on Android devices where screen space is premium.

Long-press Links for a New Tab

Google Chrome 58 gives you the option of opening links in a new tab, and this is also where you’ll see the improved Custom Tabs. It makes navigation a little easier, even though it’s not a game-changing feature or anything.

Manage Downloads

Chrome 58 for Android also brings in an easier way to see and manage your downloads in a new section, just like you’d see on Google Chrome for desktop. Again, more convenience rather than anything revolutionary.

Autofill Renamed

In the Settings tab, you will now see ‘Autofill and Payments’ instead of the old ‘Autofill’. This feature was there in earlier versions but has a new name so users can find it easily. This is where you store your credit card details for easy authorization for mobile web payments.

Full-screen Web Apps

This is probably the best new feature in Google Chrome 58 for Android. Google has been working on something called Progressive Web Apps, and Chrome 58 is where it all comes together. For a more detailed explanation of how Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs work, you can read this article.

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Suffice it to know that this feature supports web apps that incrementally behave like any other native mobile app, but without the need to download and install anything. You’ll get a home screen icon, notifications and everything – just like a mobile app – but it will be a lot easier on your device’s resources.

Apart from these major tweaks and features, you should see some enhanced security features as well, because Google has fixed 29 different vulnerabilities on Google Chrome 58. That’s apart from other security patches that will soon come with the monthly Android Security Update for May, which was accidentally released to Google Pixel XL users a few days ago.

To update to Google Chrome 58 on your Android device, visit Play Store here and tap Update, and you’re done. Don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. It’s only just rolling out to Android devices this week, so it should be available for your device soon.

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Source: Chrome Blog