iPhone 8 to Get Qi Wireless Charging, and Charging Pads are Surprisingly Cheap

iPhone 8 Concept - Qi wireless charging expected

Great news! Yet another leak shows that iPhone 8 will have wireless charging capability based on the global standard called Qi, one of several standards that define requirements for Qi wireless charging devices and Qi wireless charging pad around the world.

iPhone 8 Qi wireless charging

This leaked schematic may not be what will eventually become the final iPhone 8 device, but it’s the closest thing we have, and is fairly close to an earlier leaked schematic that shows a really horrible feature, the source of which is also not verified, by the way.

That said, this latest schematic of the iPhone 8 back panel shows us clearly where the Qi wireless charging coils are going to be placed – the green area right in the middle – and the ‘wireless charging module’ – the small green square near the bottom left – will be.

You can also see the vertical dual camera setup that’s been the subject of much discussion lately. The duo of front (selfie) cameras is also visible at the top, slightly to the right of center.

This February, Apple joined the Wireless Power consortium of companies that regulate the Qi standard, but you can already see Qi technology on the Apple Watch charger, so this relationship has been ongoing, culminating in wireless charging for iPhone 8.

Though there’s been talk of long-range Wi-Fi charging – as opposed to near-field wireless power transfer – coming to iPhone 8, it looks like that idea isn’t going to be implemented for two reasons: one, the Qi charging components indicate otherwise, and two, wireless charging technology hasn’t advanced that far yet. Perhaps it’s only coming on future iPhones from 2018 or later.

As for the iPhone 8 device itself, strong rumors suggest that we might only see these them shipped at late as November. We reported earlier that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had provided this information, along with news that the other iPhone models for this year – the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus – would arrive on time. We assume that means a September launch in line with last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus release.

The best part about Qi standards, though, is that the technology has matured enough to be inexpensive. You can find reputed brands like Anker, Samsung, etc. at very reasonable prices on Amazon.

Of course, you’ll have to check product compatibility when iPhone 8 does come out, and, who knows, Apple might just decide to throw in their own wireless charging pad since it won’t really eat into their margins. In fact, that’s what we believe might happen. Along with iPhone 8, the box is very likely to have at least two charging options – wired and wireless.

But even if we’re wrong, you should still be able to pick up a Qi wireless charging pad on Amazon for a few dollars.

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