Thank God Apple Won’t Use This Horrible Design Feature on iPhone 8, New Leak

iPhone 8 design

Over the past couple of weeks there have been several leaks that showed the iPhone 8 rear panel with a really ugly hole in the middle for where the fingerprint sensor will have been located. We’ve been praying it wasn’t true, and now it looks as though our prayers have been answered.

A more reliable source on Twitter has just shown what an iPhone 8 transparent case will look like, and it doesn’t have the ugly fingerprint sensor hole.

Why is this source more reliable than those that leaked earlier images? Because this particular source – KK Sneak Leaks – is well-connected, according to BGR.

If this leak is accurate, then it means something else as well – Apple may have finally cracked the puzzle of display-embedded fingerprint sensing technology that it has been struggling with over the past several weeks.

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That’s important, because it brings in a new twist to an existing biometric technology that everyone from Samsung to Google to Chinese smartphone makers use. That will definitely make iPhone 8 stand out from the rest.

The other unique element is the end-to-end display. You can see that to a lesser extent on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, but iPhone 8 is expected to take curved OLED and the all-glass front panel to the next level of design esthetics and user experience.

The new leak, if true, will also impact production and release timelines for iPhone 8. If they have solved the prickly problem of embedded sensor technology for the Touch ID feature, then it may not end up delaying the release date to as late as early November, as other sources suggested earlier.

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Then again, this is not a verified source and we don’t know how accurate it is, so we’ll have to accept it at face value. This new design could be the final rear panel look for iPhone 8, but between now and the first production run, things could change.

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