Get Your Mom a Google Home this Mother’s Day at a Discounted Price of $114

Google Home

Mother’s Day is coming up (May 14), so shouldn’t you be thinking about a gift for her? And what better than the Google Home smart speaker, the perfect companion for Mom? With the new recipe feature and several cool conversational skills, it’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift. And the best part is that it is now being discounted by third-party retailers at a new price of $114.

Google Home has quickly taken over the older Amazon Echo as the “smarter” smart speaker, with the ability to hold a conversation far beyond Alexa’s capabilities. That because Google Assistant is built on the search and voice expertise that Google has built up over the years, while Amazon Alexa merely responds to specific voice commands that are part of the massive and growing Alexa Skills marketplace.

Both are great products, but the Google Home is quickly pulling ahead with new features, such as the ability to recognize who in the household is talking to it, and accessing their Google accounts rather than anyone else’s. Amazon Alexa, on the other hand, can be instructed to switch accounts, but it will respond to anyone and purchase products on that same account regardless of who’s giving the orders.

Google Home retails for $129, but for a limited time, the following retailers are knocking off $15 from the list price. Investing in a Google Home for your Mom this Mother’s Day is probably one of the better decisions you’ll make as a kid – no matter how old you are!

Google Home on Verizon

Google Home at Newegg (Comes with a $20 promotional gift card)

Google Home at Best Buy

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