Amazon’s Prime Video App on Apple TV Finally Coming this Summer

Prime Video on Apple TV

If Facebook’s original programming coming to the video app they developed for Apple TV in March is big news, then this is even bigger: Amazon’s Prime Video app will now make its appearance on Apple TV sometime during the third quarter of 2017, according to sources that revealed the nugget to Recode.

The world-famous rivalry between Amazon and Apple on the streaming video front could finally be coming to a close as Apple TV embraces the Prime Video app on its streaming devices. This is the first sign of truce-like behavior after the online retailer stopped selling Apple TV devices on its portals, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gave his reasons:

“We want our player, our Prime Video player, to be on the device, and we want it to be on the device with acceptable business terms. And so, you can always get the player on the device; the question is can you do so with acceptable business terms. And if you can’t, then we don’t want to sell it to our customers, because they’re going to be buying it thinking they can watch Prime Video and then they’re going to be disappointed. And they’re going to return it.”

While it is not known if the other disputes between the two West Coast giants have been resolved, it’s clear that Prime Video coming to Apple TV will have been discussed at the highest levels.

This deal is in the best interests of both companies. Amazon will benefit from millions of Apple TV device owners who’d rather not invest in more hardware in the form of a Fire TV Stick or streaming box. For Apple, it entices more Amazon Prime customers into its fold. Definitely a win-win-win situation here, with consumers being the third beneficiary.

Meanwhile, Facebook also brought its video app to Apple TV earlier this year, and sources say they’re very close to launching their own original programming – as early as next month, as a matter of fact.

Of course, Facebook is a yet-to-be born fetus in the world of premium streaming video, but they do have close to 2 billion users that will get free access to their ad-supported original content. More on that story here.

With Prime Video now coming to Apple TV, we should see some interesting synergies between the user bases of the two companies. Apple is yet to get into original programming in a serious way, so Amazon Prime Video may not be perceived as an immediate threat to Apple’s business.

But who knows what will happen in the future?

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Source: Recode, 1redDrop, Business Insider