Mother’s Day Special: Amazon Echo Now Price-cut to $149.99 Ahead of Echo Knight Reveal

amazon alexa on amazon echo smart speaker

Amazon Echo is now available at a newly discounted price of $149.99. After the major refurbished Echo smart speaker sale that started last week (see link at the bottom of this article), Amazon has now cut the price on its most popular AI device – even before the formal launch of its Amazon Echo with Touchscreen, dubbed Knight.

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But it won’t last long, since the deal price is only valid through May 13. It’s obvious Amazon is pushing out Echo devices as a Mother’s Day special offering, since its chief rival, the Google Home smart speaker, is also available for $15 lower than its list price just for the days leading up to Mother’s Day on May 14.

Mom’s everywhere are probably going to get flooded with Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices this year. The discounted price on the Amazon Echo makes it only $20 more than the Echo Tap, which is a popular variant of the original Amazon Echo that comes with a recharge feature that lets you move the device around your home. The Tap requires you to press the mic button to give voice commands, and the “always on” feature can be turned on through the Alexa app – albeit at the cost of battery life.

A Little Background on the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo was launched in 2014, and has sold – according to various reports – between 8 million and 11 million units so far. That makes it the most popular smart speaker of all time in terms of sales. It has been a pioneering hardware product in the smart speaker segment, but there are now several similar smart speakers coming to market this year.

The AI assistant on-board the Amazon Echo – Amazon Alexa – is the brains behind the operation. Running off of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers, it requires an Internet connection to work.

When you give it a voice command by triggering Alexa with the “wake words” such as “Hey Alexa,” the device starts to record your command. That recording is then sent to Amazon’s servers, is processed, and the response is sent back to your device and delivered in Alexa’s voice. All of this takes mere seconds, depending on your Internet connection speed.

There are now over 10,000 voice commands that can be enabled on your Amazon Echo, Tap and Dot devices via the iOS and Android mobile app.

To view the Mother’s Day Amazon Echo offer on for $149.99, CLICK HERE.

To view the Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo at $134.99, CLICK HERE.

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