Just this morning, we hypothesized a scenario where Team Pangu was actually being controlled and manipulated by Apple Inc. with the objective of killing off the jailbreaking community.

The Elusive Pangu iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak: Is Apple Trying to Kill iOS Jailbreaking?

Our argument hinged on the assumption that Apple was using Pangu to lure people into upgrading to iOS 10.3.1, with no intention of allowing them to release their iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak after iOS 10.3.2 arrives.

That day has now come, and Apple is already rolling out the latest version of iOS.

What Will Happen Now with the Pangu iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Tool Codenamed Janus?

Only one of two things can happen. Pangu’s time has run out, and they have to release the iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak immediately. There’s no more reason to delay a public release for the JB tool. If they don’t release it in the next few days, we can safely assume that there was never a jailbreak intended for release in the first place, and we can also surmise that something has happened in the shadows.

If Pangu does release the iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak tool this week, then I owe a massive apology to Team Pangu. I will also promise to eat my hat. Thankfully, I have a chocolate hat reserved exclusively for such occasions.

Now we play the waiting game.

[UPDATE MAY 17 – PLEASE CLICK TO READ: iOS 10.3.2 Released Two Days Ago, Pangu iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak a Big Hoax?] – Opens in a new tab

Since iOS 10.3.2 is just out, Apple won’t stop signing iOS 10.3.1 for at least a week from now. If you’re on iOS 10.3.1 right now, save your SHSH2 blobs before you upgrade to the latest version. I’m hoping you’ve already done that, because the TSS Saver tool from 1Conan usually saves the latest iOS version’s blobs. You’ll have to check for your device.

Of note is the fact that this particular release has fixes across more than two dozen categories. That could be a clue as to why they took so long to release iOS 10.3.2 after the previous version.

Whatever the case might be, for every new version of iOS that comes out, remember to save your SHSH2 blobs. You never know when you’ll need it, and you can’t downgrade to an unsigned version unless you’ve already saved the blobs for that version, and for your particular device(s).

So, now, fingers crossed. As iOS 10.3.2 rolls out to the public, we’re hoping that Pangu has held out for this day, and will soon release their iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak tool.

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      • By silent pangu? Pangu has been saying that they’ve been trying to release a jb! 25PP is the current problem! Yet I still believe iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak will come out as soon as iOS 10.3.2 comes out….. (why would pangu release the jb right when it’all be patched in iOS 10.3.2?)

    • You should see the option to save iOS 10.3.1 blobs without actually upgrading and losing your jailbreak. Just check out the TSS Saver tool.

      • Nah. I rather wait. So far, things are going fine with Yalu102 even though it is Semi-Untethered. Wishing that it will be upgraded to fully Untethered one day.

  1. You will never see another Untethered jailbreak again, ever. Because bootrom exploits are extremely rare. We’ve probably seen the last one already, being with the iPhone 4S and the vulnerability found in hardware components.. iPhone 4s will always be jailbreak-able. Too bad it’s not 64 bit.. but ya from now one, every future jailbreak will be at the most semi-tethered.

    • Actually, the last untethered jailbreak was iOS 9, and on iPhone 6…….. But at least you know what a bootrom exploit is!

    • Could it be that Pangu is checking to see if their jailbreak also works on 10.3.2 and then releasing it as a 10.3.2 jailbreak?

      • This could be possible. Pangu may be doing some “endgame testing” on 10.3.2 before releasing the jaibreak.

        But, iOS 10.3.2 is already out. So Pangu needs to release it (if they actually do have a jailbreak).

  2. Hahaha..trap and luring continue..never trust pangu again..they already been recruited by Apple..so its useless..they did show at the presentation that they successfully jailbreak ios 10.3.1..its probably a back door apple told them to lure u guys..so they trap u inside because they patch it too on particular ios better wait for luca tedesco..

    • No use waiting for Luca either. Due to the idiocy of the jailbreaking community, he’s done with Public Jailbreaking.

      To said community:
      Thanks a lot, jailbreaking community. You guys sure have been a big help in driving out who may be the last hope.
      That’s my message to the delusional fans who still believe in Pangu especially.

    • Most likely never. Did you even read the whole article? It’s nothing but a hoax and setup by Apple and Pangu. Pangu sold out.

  3. The following exploit (at bottom of comment) has been patched in 10.3.2. The pangu tease was likely to force users (via Apple) to upgrade without any intention of releasing the 10.3.1 jailbreak as reported and feared by1RedDrop.

    Available for: iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later, and iPod touch 6th generation
    Impact: An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with root privileges
    Description: An issue existed within the path validation logic for symlinks. This issue was addressed through improved path sanitization.
    CVE-2017-6981: evi1m0 of YSRC (sec.ly.com)

  4. **** you pangu. They are not jailbroke iOS 10.3.1 they showed video of iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak is fake. They did is only for publicity.

    • Only if a jailbreak tool for iOS 10.2.1 is done. There is no official jailbreak tool for iOS 10.2.1 onwards.
      The last and so far jailbreakable firmware is up to iOS 10.2 and below.

  5. “Only one of two things can happen. Pangu’s time has run out, and they have to release the iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak immediately.” Umm no they don’t? they don’t owe anybody anything! your form of writing is offensive, assumptions and basically comprises of rumors, hearsay and ill-informed opinions! i honest hope you’re not being paid to write this? you need sacking if you are. Pangu have proof on concept, they can release it as an when they like, your hypothesis about apple controlling them is hilarious. put your tinfoil hat away

    • While it’s true that there is no proof that Pangu sold out and accepted the Bug Bountry Program, you can’t deny that it might be the case.

      There is also still the “Silent Mystery”.
      I don’t care what they are doing or what they are thinking or whose side are they on. We just need to know the TRUTH. What’s the story? Why didn’t they do anything for the past iOS 10 firmwares? Until they speak up, they are considered gave up or helping Apple.
      And yes, that’s my interpretation of events whether you like it or not.

  6. I have to agree, pangu is working with apple. The bounty that apple is paying is allot of money.
    I don’t believe you will ever see another untethered jailbeak and you darn sure won’t see another jailbreak from pangu.
    All these sites that talk jailbreak will be released, blah blah blah, only say these things for publicity of their site. They have no confirmation of what day anything will be released. But look at the amount of people that read these jailbreak will be released articles.
    The one person that could and would have kept jailbreaking alive, left because of all the complaining about his jailbreak being in beta form. It appears we are our own worst enemy. If I could write jailbreak code, I wouldn’t release it anymore either. All people want to do is complain cause this don’t work and that don’t work or I messed up and it’s your fault.
    Sideloading is the wave of the future, and if you can’t figure out how to sideload an IPA, you shouldn’t be messing around with your phone. Just use apps from the apple site. The self install.


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