Whether you’re an extrovert or a more private person, Google Photos now has a new feature for you.


If you want to let the world know where you are and who you’re with, you can now do that on Google Photos. The cloud-based image platform now has a self-tagging feature where users can tag themselves in others’ public photos. All you need to do is go to those pictures taken by others, and tag yourself as “me”. You’ll also need to have the Face Grouping option toggled to ‘On’, and you’re basically done.

Doing this will allow Google to send you special creations containing pictures of you, like getting a movie montage of all the photos of others that you’re in. Though Google uses that example, there are several other types of personalized experiences that come with the new self-tagging and Face Grouping features.

The best part is, once you tag yourself, if anyone else using Google Photos takes a picture with you in it, they’ll get a prompt to share that photo with you so you can add it to your own personal collection.

The feature goes both ways. That means, if you’re taking a photo of someone and they’ve ‘self-tagged’ themselves, you’ll get the suggestion to share it with them, and they’ll get it as part of their special creation.

Photo-hiding – “Officially” known as Archiving

But what if you want to specifically hide certain photos for some reason, but don’t necessarily want to delete them?

In that case, you can hide whatever photos you want by archiving them. That’s the new feature Google Photos has rolled out on version 2.15 – on Android, iOS and web.

To archive a photo, open the app and select the photos you want. Then tap the menu button and tap on Archive. The nice touch here is that after you archive an item for the first time, from the next time onwards, Google Photos will automatically show you a slightly different archive menu with even more options.

Note that these archived photos are still there, and they’re even searchable – by you. The only change is that they will no longer appear in the main Photos feed.

So, if you’re a more private kind of person, this is a great feature to have. It’s also great for when you’ve got photos that you might be embarrassed by if others see it.

Google is bringing a tremendous amount of AI into the Google Photos application, as it’s doing with most of its other apps. Using machine learning and other artificial intelligence tools, Google is trying to give users a much better, more intuitive experience with their apps.

Another interesting point to note is that Google Photos is going heavily “social” with these features. Sharing is obviously the most important feature of a social network, and Google Photos is being put through its paces to see how it works as a social photo-sharing app. It’s up against stalwart competitors in this space, obviously, but with more AI built in, it should appeal to users of other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat as well.

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