Phantom Trigger from tinyBuild Coming to Nintendo Switch, Get the Alpha Now for PC

Nintendo Switch and Steam getting Phantom Trigger by tinyBuild Games and BreadTeam this summer

Nintendo Switch keeps getting some great Indie titles, and the latest news has Phantom Trigger coming to the console and to Steam this summer. Phantom Trigger by tinyBuild Games is a an extremely challenging “Neon-Coated” retro action game with RPG and Roguelike elements and multiple endings.

Developed in collaboration with BreadTeam, Phantom Trigger is now available in alpha for PCs, so you can get a taste of the game before it hits Nintendo Switch and Steam this summer.

According to HardcoreGamer:

Phantom Trigger is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. The animation is fluid, the scenery is dripping with style, the colors pop at every turn, and the character design is incredible, including surreal enemies made out of the likes of what can only be described as bizarre walking blobs and sentient air conditioners. Said enemies will still naturally put up a fight, though, and this is where the game shows its hardcore traits. As simple as they may seem, it can become easy for enemies to overwhelm you a bit, and that’s where you need to pay special attention to the chaos around you and figure out which attack is best suited for which enemy.
For example, one enemy shoots massive laser beams from a distance, so you have to use your laser whip to bring them closer to you and deliver a beatdown. Another may require close combat and heavy hit-and-run moves. And this is after you even unlock these abilities in the first place, which are also the key to getting through certain sections of levels that would be blocked off. The level design itself is quite impressive, allowing for a lot of areas to explore, though one may worry about the distance between checkpoints (which also seem to be the only method of refilling health as well). But even with that in play, again, the combat is always tough but fair, testing your combo skills and general battle aptitude to the fullest.”

tinyBuild LLC, or tinyBuild Games is a U.S. based Indie game developer and publisher that has delivered hit titles like No Time to Explain. SpeedRunners has sold hundreds of thousands of copies after its release in 2015, and was developed by DoubleDutch Games.

Today tinyBuild also works with third-party developers to bring their games to market. Among these titles are Not the Robots from 2DArray, Snail Bob 2 from Hunter Hamster, Punch Club from Lazy Bear Games and the upcoming Yandere Simulator from YandereDev (Alexander Mahan).

As for Phantom Trigger, this will be tinyBuild’s second in-house title after No Time to Explain, and will hit Nintendo Switch consoles as well as Steam in a couple of months. Stay tuned, we’ll bring you release and other news closer to the date.

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