June 2017 Update: Free Windows 10 Upgrade for Assistive Tech Users Still Open

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In less than two months, it will be a year since Microsoft stopped offering the free Windows 10 upgrade for users of older licensed versions of the Windows OS. However, since that time, Microsoft has been keeping the free upgrade to Windows 10 open for certain users. But very few people know that they can still get the free upgrade, as long as they have a licensed version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

The reason most people don’t know this is because Microsoft has hidden it as a feature for people using assistive technologies. Microsoft doesn’t specifically intended for people with disabilities, but it does give some examples of the technologies eligible under this free Windows 10 upgrade plan.

Essentially, the way Microsoft has defined “assistive technologies” leaves no room for doubt that this upgrade is open to anyone who wants to take advantage of it. In fact, they specifically mention that users of ‘keyboard shortcuts’ are also included in the definition of assistive technology users.

That means you can still get your free Windows 10 upgrade today, since this is a legitimate method provided by none other than Microsoft itself.

Free Windows 10 Upgrade Page

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