iOS 11 to Come with Better File Management? “Files” App Spotted on App Store

iOS 11 file management files app ios apps

iOS 11 looks like it’s going to get a brand new “Files” app, where a placeholder app was discovered by Twitter user Steve Troughton-Smith. That could indicate a much better file management system for the new iPhone than the current iCloud Drive option.

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Not much is visible on the placeholder app, except that it requires iOS 11 or higher.

Without additional details, it’s hard to say whether this is going to be a default app for iOS 11, but another app for “Activities” has also appeared on the App Store. Activities is a default stock app right now, and it can’t be removed. However, removable apps are usually discoverable on iTunes so users can re-install them later on if they want to.

That means the “Files” app could also be a default app that can be removed and re-installed. It’s possibly a stock app that will give users more flexibility for managing storage on their iPhone or iPad.

These are just interesting tidbits about iOS 11. The main reveal over the next three days will give us a much clearer picture on which of the earlier rumors about new features are true. This is possibly the most exciting time of year for Apple fans and developers alike.

Keep coming back for more updates as WWDC17 progresses. We’ll be reporting on iOS 11, the rumored Siri speaker, the new MacBook Pro 2017 and lots more.

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