Windows 10 Tip: How to “Minimalize All” Windows Or Keep Just One Window Maximized

windows 10 shortcut keys

Most platforms have a ton of shortcut keys that nobody uses, simply because not everyone knows about them. On Windows 10, as well as other versions of Windows, there’s a simple trick you can use to either minimize all Windows, or keep just one window maximized and minimize everything else.

To minimize all windows, including the one you’re currently on, simply hold down the Windows key and press the letter M. So, Windows+M. To revert to all screens maximized as they were, just add Shift, so Windows+Shift+M.

You can also minimize all Windows but the one you’re working on. Use the Windows+Home shortcut to keep the one you’re on right now maximized, and send all the others scuttling away to the task bar.

There’s also a really cool trick to do the same thing. Take your mouse pointer to the title bar and jiggle it around. It results in the same thing – the window you’re on will stay as it is, and the others will all be minimized. Take the pointer to the same title bar and jiggle it around again to restore your desktop to how it was.

In case you’re having some trouble with these shortcuts, here’s a short video courtesy Pogue’s Basics that shows you how to do it:

Remember, this tip works on Windows 10 devices, but it should also work with older versions. For a full list of “official” shortcuts for Windows PCs, visit Microsoft’s webpage here.

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